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Duskless: The Clockwork Army game
Duskless: The Clockwork Army
Rise up against robot troops!

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Grim Facade: The Red Cat Collector's Edition game
Grim Facade: The Red Cat Collector's Edition
Unmask the mysterious Red Cat!
Cardboard Castle game
Cardboard Castle
Become a fearless knight!
Campfire Legends: The Hookman game
Campfire Legends: The Hookman
Experience a frightening urban legend!
Green City game
Green City
Build your very own eco-friendly city!

Free sci-fi game downloads by name

Here you can find and download for free the best sci-fi games, such as Alpha Kimori Episode Two, Bookworm Adventures: Astounding Planet, Cy-Clone, Darkside, Esoterica: Hollow Earth, and more.

Alpha Kimori Episode Two game
Sci-fi game 63 MB
Alpha Kimori Episode Two (Strategy games)
November 30, -0001
Two human factions are at war, and Rick’s best friend and girlfriend have been captured in the turmoil! Can Rick save Vanessa and Yuki before it’s too late? more…
Bookworm Adventures: Astounding Planet game
Bookworm Adventures: Astounding Planet
December 3, 2009
Help Lex save the world from mutants and robots in this time-traveling, vocabularious adventure! It's up to Lex to set things right!
Cy-Clone game
Sci-fi game 149 MB
Cy-Clone (Shooting games)
November 30, -0001
In a sci-fi, high-flying Shooter game, you must use the enemy's own technology against them to save all of mankind. more…
Darkside game
Darkside (Arcade games)
December 26, 2007
The Krainian Empire has invaded our outer territories! Hop into your ArkLight X-52 and take the fight back to the enemy, one battle at a time!
Esoterica: Hollow Earth game
Sci-fi game 937 MB
Esoterica: Hollow Earth (Mystery games)
January 8, 2014
The fabled land of Agartha awaits your discovery in Esoterica: Hollow Earth! Experience a sci-fi adventure that will take you to the depths of the Earth. more…
Global Defense Network game
Global Defense Network (Arcade games)
January 26, 2005
A combination of a fast paced shooter and rhythm action game superbly synchronized in a Sci-Fi plot.
Greed: Old Enemies Returning game
Sci-fi game 677 MB
Greed: Old Enemies Returning
January 3, 2018
Dr. Goodwin's miracle cure is once again under threat in this haunting hidden object adventure! more…
Greed: The Mad Scientist game
Sci-fi game 696 MB
Greed: The Mad Scientist (Hidden Objects games)
November 6, 2013
As Sara tries to find a miracle cure for her ailing brother, she unravels the dark events of her own past. more…
Immortal Defense game
Immortal Defense (Strategy games)
January 6, 2009
Is there anything that you'd sacrifice everything to defend? Explore the boundaries of your imagination and strategic skills in Immortal Defense!
Lifeline game
Sci-fi game 20 MB
March 18, 2017
Lifeline is a playable, branching story of survival against all odds! Help Taylor make life or death decisions, and face the consequences together. Or see what happens when you make a different choice. more…

All sci-fi games are free to download, you can try and play all sci-fi games listed for free.

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